Hello! I am very much interested in mosrite these days.
I feel that the figure which was made a shape on the body top of a guitar is stylish. Because it's shone by the degree of light.

  This shape is called German Carve. Author got Roger Guitar which is the originator of German Carve by chance, so I tried to trace back the history of this age.

  Although Mosrite is a most famous for German Carve,
Semie Moseley (born in 1935) was taught how to make it by Roger Rossmeisl (born in 1927)  who is a German designer, during working in Rickenbacker Co.

  The German Carve is slightly different from the arch top of Gibson etc. It's a construction method which shave off a body edge part and makes an inner side high. The center of a body doesn't have a gently sloping arch like Les Paul. It's a flat.

  Roger guitar was German jazz guitar maker. It was founded by Wenzel Rossmeisl who is Roger Rossmeisl's father.

  The speciality
  1. A top and a back are German Carve.
  2. The neck is a way of mosaic of 5 or 7 piece laminate
  3. It doesn't have Trass Rod

 Roger Rossmeisl learned to make a guitar from his father after the war. He went to America in 1952 and worked in Gibson Co.
But he entered Rickenbacker Co. in California two years later. It may be because he was not able to bear the cold of the state of Michigan.

 He became the most important person who completed most guitar designs of Rickenbacker for eight years after the entering a company.
He changed the workplace to Fender Co. in 1962. He designed Acoustic guitar and Jazz guitars of Detachable neck there.
  Needless to say, it is very famous that Semie Moseley of his pupil gained a great success by The Ventures Model in 1963.
Here is the flow of an interesting design.
 Roger ---- Rickenbacker ----- Mosrite ----- Fender
       Please refer to the simple chronological table which I made about it.

Gibson / Fender / Other
Gibson  SJ-200

Fender Esquire
Gibson  Les Paul

 Semie Moseley Established Mosrite
     Moseley + Boatwright = Mosrite

    He was 17 years old.

Roger Rossmeisl went to Gibson USA, from Germany.
He was 25 years old.
F. C. Hall purchase "Electro String Instrument Corporation"
Roger was hired by Paul Barth Rickenbacker manager. Combo 600 & 800

Roger went to Rickenbacker in California.
He don't like cold place?

Roger Rossmeisl ........Combo 400
Semie was working in Rickenbacker 1$/1hour.
He was working under Roger Rossmeisl.
Rickenbacker 25th Anniversary

According to the interview of guitar magazine in 1991,'For two years, I worked in
Rickenbacker, But because I have made a guitar without their consent,
I was dismissed from Rickenbacker ' Semie said.
  Possibly is the following guitar it?

  * 3dot on 7fret

Gretch 6120 3 PickUp
Longbody Prototype
ROUTE 66 More Info

above: Very Interesting, It believes?



El tolo............. proto ..........

Joe Maphis model
325 ........... for Women?
Mosrite Special

Roger Rossmeisl ..... model 390

Semie Moseley younger
390 ....... Sam Cooke ........... Cat's Eye sound hall



Joe Maphis
Ric O Sound     Modern Silhouette 365WB

Joe Maphis Models
Roger went to Fender
Nokie Edowards visited Moseley
Roger went to Fender
Fender Kingman

First Rickenbacker 12 string guitar

The Ventures Model

Fender Coronado

'64 New Style Body

"R" New tail piece
64 model
'68 360F Reissue

Fender Coronado
Checker binding

'66 TV model
left: Fender Montego
....... 450,000 Yen in 1972
Bantar ..... Transonic AMP ......4005

Fender Starcaster
1976 model
381JK + Accent Vibrate = 382JK
    John Kay SteppenWolf

1987 Reissue Price List
M 88

Japanese Wolf
Nokie Model
63 ReIssue

381 2nd Reissue

Nokie Model 30th Anniversary custom
50 built in June
381 2nd Reissue + Accent Vibrato = 382
  1995 700C        1994 730S      50s Roger
Golden Commemorative  Non "The" Ventures
(Ventures model 30th Anniversary)
30 were built for Japan / gold parts
10 were built for US / chrome parts

 1993 Rickenbacker announced
The manufacture of acoustic Guitar is begun.
  Author paid a deposit for "760J " in '94
but It was not completed.

  Other model manufactured but it was not high-quality. And, acoustic manufacture stopped in 2006.

  I want to get model 384, the same as James BURTON in '59.

Yuzo Kayama model was Last Guitars Made in USA
I like the guitar which has a German Carve recently.
The guitars after this era are not
"Built in Soul"



There were many " Cat's Eye Sound Hall"     Late 50s made in Germany      
Head design of "2"&"4" are same RIC 600,800.
Gretsch Synchromatic
First Cats Eye of Rickenbacker in '57

Guild Harp Tailpiece
by Bigsby
'62 Semie Mosley made
25 peace for Guild
(Composite photo)
'63 The Ventures & Joe Maphis
Late '63 The Ventures
Roger Late 50s
'62 "R " Tailpiece PROTO?
'64 "R " Tailpiece
'68 "R " Tailpiece 360F
Rickenbacker Ball Pen
If I wear this buckle, I can spend happy time with Ric.
Of course even if I go to the restroom!! 

In addition, I will compare each part of Mosrite with Rickenbacker.
There are various similarities. To be continued

Mosite Collection

TOP / SOLID / HOLLOW / 360WB / 12string
315 / 360F / BASS / Acoustic / otherBrand
Room German Carve

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